Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting His Kicks on Route 66

 Brutus and his friend Burrow the Rabbit recently traveled part of  historic Route 66 in Illinois.   Among the sights they saw, were parts of the original road.  Were these sections ever narrow compared to today's roads!

 They also saw several old gas stations.  Brutus is too young to remember having an attendant pump gas, clean the windshield, and check the oil, but some of these stations (and the junk around them) were sure interesting.  There were lots of smells to follow and things to explore.
 Here he is on a section of the original road which was brick.  He had never ridden on a brick road before and was surprised to hear that there was one in Owosso.  It was a little bumpy and had to be taken slowly.  One section of the "highway" even included some turkey tracks.

One of their stops was at Henry's Ra66it Ranch near Staunton, Illinois.   Brutus would have like to chase the rabbit, but he wasn't allowed to dig under the pen.  Besides, Burrow did not think that it would be very nice to frighten his cousin.

Brutus and Burrow had a dog-gone good time.  Brutus is now researching places to go in Michigan next year, and the library has lots of great resources for him--both books and the Internet.  If anyone knows of a good trip for a dog (and maybe a friend or two), Brutus would love to hear about them.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

 Brutus has been a little giddy from the paint fumes this week, but he has enjoyed helping redecorate the Adult Department in Owosso.  Painting is lots of fun, but having his fur cleaned afterwards was not.  Fortunately, the paint all washed out, and he was not shaved as threatened! 

The painting was the last step in the restoration after the roof repair last year and the plaster work last winter.  The front entrance is being painted today, and the radiators are still in need of painting.  All circulating materials are now available again, and it hoped that all the reference materials will be back in place and accessible by next week. The pages have been helping him put the books back in place as it is difficult to shelve items when you have to move them one at a time in your mouth.

 The walls are now a teal color with a darker trim, supposedly one of Brutus's favorite colors; although since dogs are colorblind, no one on the staff is sure whether or not he knows what he talking about.  Brutus does invite everyone to come in and see the bright, clean walls!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sniffing Out a Good Book

Brutus has been sniffing the mystery books on display in Owosso.  He is hoping that he can detect the odor of dogs (his favorite characters) or food (his favorite activity).  So far they just smell like books.  He hopes that he doesn't choose one about a cat!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brutus Visits Curwood Castle

Brutus heard that the kids had such a good time at story hour this morning at Curwood Castle that decided to visit himself this afternoon.  He enjoyed his visit to James Oliver Curwood's writing studio even though it rather hot to be outside with a fur coat.  Whoever decided that these were the "dog days" of summer wasn't a dog!

 His new friend Denice gave him a sticker which says that he is a Curwood Character, almost like Baree or Kazan.  Brutus was particularly interested to learn that dogs were the main characters in a couple of Curwood's novels.  Since he prefers books about dogs, he will have to read one of these books soon.
 He also explored Curwood's closet.  There were lots of interesting smells, but no food.   If it was a little cooler, he would have asked Denice or Margaret make him a bed here so that he could do some more exploring after his nap.
 He wanted to explore the turret, but it was too warm for such a long climb on such short legs.  He'll have to visit again when it is cooler.
He did like some of the views, especially this one from one of the stairwell windows overlooking the park.
 While he was there, he also checked out the plaque which designates Curwood Castle as a literary landmark.  This was placed before he was born, but he has heard about how the library helped obtain the plaque.  Brutus thinks that it is really cool (not the temperature outside) that Owosso was the home of a bestselling author.  Even more fascinating is that this author decided to build a writing studio which looks like a small castle!

 Time was also spent exploring the park and area around the castle.  Brutus would have liked to cool off in the river, but Margaret was a spoilsport (like usual).  She said that wet dogs would not be allowed in the library.  Apparently water does not mix well with books and computers.  He had to be content with a quick rest in the shade.

 He did take a short hike on the footbridge which was a little scary.  He'd never been a bridge which moved before.
 A trip to the castle wouldn't have been complete without stopping next door at Comstock Cabin.  He couldn't go inside, but he sniffed around the door and peeked through the window.  The garden was also interesting, but again there were rules!  This time--no digging to create a cool spot.
 While Brutus was at the Castle, a group driving some old cars also visited.  Brutus had never seen anything like these antique cars.
 He found out that this is a Ford Model A, but he doesn't know in what year it was made.  He wanted to take it for a drive, but Margaret said no (that spoilsporting librarian again).  She said that he would be in BIG trouble if he stole the car or even touched it.  She even threatened to never take him anywhere again if he didn't behave.
So he hopes that she doesn't see this picture.  He's not sure what model this is, but the running boards were too tempting to resist.  (And, he didn't scratch, bite, or chew anything on the car.  It is still in pristine condition. So there, Margaret.)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Congratulations to Lucille

Brutus wishes to congratulate Lucille Couzynse.  This morning, she was the first person to turn in a completed bingo sheet. (And a little bird also told him that it was also her birthday).

There's still five weeks let to complete a bingo (and even Brutus thinks that it's fairly easy); you only have to complete 5 tasks in a row.  Pick up a sheet at Owosso's adult circulation desk or print one off our website (www.sdl.lib.mi.us).  Anyone who completes a sheet may choose a free book.

None of Brutus's bones have been found yet.  He buried four more today; there are also prizes for those who find a bone.  Brutus wants everyone to join him in the summer fun at the library!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Groundbreaking Reads

Brutus has been a little upset with the library staff lately--they have been too busy to help him type up any blog entries.  To make matters worse, now some of them are taking vacations, but he hasn't being taken along with them.  Of course, this means that he has more time to fill, and this summer's theme of groundbreaking reads is perfect!  He hasn't been allowed to dig in the flower beds, but he will be burying (hiding) some bones in the Owosso branch.  Anyone who finds one between June 10th and July 27th may turn it in at the circulation desk for a prize.  In addition, he hopes that many of you will join him in the teen and adult summer reading program.  Anyone who completes a bingo sheet may choose from a selection of new books.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Enjoying the Eaves Troughs

Brutus is thankful for the nice weather we had earlier in the year when new eaves troughs were installed in Owosso.  With all of this week's rain, he has been able to go in and out of the library without being drenched by the runoff from the roof.  It takes a long time for his fur to dry, and no one seems to like the smell of a wet dog!  (By the way, he was in no danger from the saw while he was playing on the eaves trough equipment; all of the workers were up on scaffolding near the roof.)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Plaster Restoration work in Owosso

Brutus has been displaced by the plaster restoration work.  He likes the final results, but will be glad when they are done.  The public will again have access to all their computers, but he is wondering if he whines enough, will Margaret take him home for the weekend?