Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy as a Dog?

Brutus has been a very busy dog the last few days. He thinks that the phrase "Busy as a bee" could be changed to "Busy as a dog."

First there was story hour on Tuesday where they played a fun game with something that looked like a parachute, whatever that is. It looked like a good thing to jump onto or pull on for a tug of war. He is looking forward to meeting more kids as story hour continues through November 16th.

Then last night he played hide and seek in the Kitchen Assistant's basket. He was looking for something to eat, but it only had the names which were being drawn for prizes. The program was interesting, but it sure made him hungry!

Then this afternoon there was a puppet show about a prince who had been turned into a pumpkin. Brutus got into the act, too. He thought that maybe kissing the pumpkin would turn it back into a prince, but found out that it took a princess sleeping on a mattress on top of the pumpkin to break the spell. Now could the witch make a pumpkin pie for him?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Programs, Programs, & More Programs

Brutus is finding his choices overwhelming. There are so many things to do at the library, that he doesn't know what to do first. Story hours have resumed and he loves spending time with the kids. There is nothing like having a child love you!

Then he heard that the Kitchen Assistant is coming on October 26th. Margaret told him there wouldn't be any cooking and that the refreshments were for the people. He was very disappointed; however, if Darla Jaros is giving cooking and money saving tips, maybe someone would listen and take pity on him. It would be really nice if the staff would learn something and bring in more treats! (Hint, hint)

Finally, he learned that Mike Gaylord will be doing antique appraisals on October 30th. He was worried that he might be an antique like the lamp in the staff lounge. (It is one of the original lamps in the library). Staff has given him both good news and bad news--he is too young to be an antique (the good news) and he probably does not have much monetary value since he was not made by Steiff (the bad news). At first his feelings were hurt, but they reassured him that he was priceless in their eyes and is in no danger of being sold to the highest bidder.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Travelin' Man & Travelin' Dog

Brutus got into the act last night when Tom Weschler, photographer for Bob Seger's band in the 60's and 70's, visited the library. He enjoyed Weschler's talk about the band and stories about Seger. Brutus is too young to remember his hit songs, but he still found the idea of touring and singing fascinating. Too bad dogs can't sing; he thinks the traveling and meeting people would be lots of fun. Maybe he could moonlight as a roadie mascot as well as keep his job at the library.

Brutus also helped out with the book signing, making sure that the pens weren't lost. He supposes that if he ever writes his own book, it would need to be autographed with a paw print since manipulating a pen is very difficult.

Next week, Brutus hopes to learn about Owosso's Downtown Historic District when Lorraine Weckwert speaks on Thursday, October 7th at 7 p.m. and meet some of you there.