Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting His Kicks on Route 66

 Brutus and his friend Burrow the Rabbit recently traveled part of  historic Route 66 in Illinois.   Among the sights they saw, were parts of the original road.  Were these sections ever narrow compared to today's roads!

 They also saw several old gas stations.  Brutus is too young to remember having an attendant pump gas, clean the windshield, and check the oil, but some of these stations (and the junk around them) were sure interesting.  There were lots of smells to follow and things to explore.
 Here he is on a section of the original road which was brick.  He had never ridden on a brick road before and was surprised to hear that there was one in Owosso.  It was a little bumpy and had to be taken slowly.  One section of the "highway" even included some turkey tracks.

One of their stops was at Henry's Ra66it Ranch near Staunton, Illinois.   Brutus would have like to chase the rabbit, but he wasn't allowed to dig under the pen.  Besides, Burrow did not think that it would be very nice to frighten his cousin.

Brutus and Burrow had a dog-gone good time.  Brutus is now researching places to go in Michigan next year, and the library has lots of great resources for him--both books and the Internet.  If anyone knows of a good trip for a dog (and maybe a friend or two), Brutus would love to hear about them.