Wednesday, October 9, 2013

 Brutus has been a little giddy from the paint fumes this week, but he has enjoyed helping redecorate the Adult Department in Owosso.  Painting is lots of fun, but having his fur cleaned afterwards was not.  Fortunately, the paint all washed out, and he was not shaved as threatened! 

The painting was the last step in the restoration after the roof repair last year and the plaster work last winter.  The front entrance is being painted today, and the radiators are still in need of painting.  All circulating materials are now available again, and it hoped that all the reference materials will be back in place and accessible by next week. The pages have been helping him put the books back in place as it is difficult to shelve items when you have to move them one at a time in your mouth.

 The walls are now a teal color with a darker trim, supposedly one of Brutus's favorite colors; although since dogs are colorblind, no one on the staff is sure whether or not he knows what he talking about.  Brutus does invite everyone to come in and see the bright, clean walls!