Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brutus Visits Curwood Castle

Brutus heard that the kids had such a good time at story hour this morning at Curwood Castle that decided to visit himself this afternoon.  He enjoyed his visit to James Oliver Curwood's writing studio even though it rather hot to be outside with a fur coat.  Whoever decided that these were the "dog days" of summer wasn't a dog!

 His new friend Denice gave him a sticker which says that he is a Curwood Character, almost like Baree or Kazan.  Brutus was particularly interested to learn that dogs were the main characters in a couple of Curwood's novels.  Since he prefers books about dogs, he will have to read one of these books soon.
 He also explored Curwood's closet.  There were lots of interesting smells, but no food.   If it was a little cooler, he would have asked Denice or Margaret make him a bed here so that he could do some more exploring after his nap.
 He wanted to explore the turret, but it was too warm for such a long climb on such short legs.  He'll have to visit again when it is cooler.
He did like some of the views, especially this one from one of the stairwell windows overlooking the park.
 While he was there, he also checked out the plaque which designates Curwood Castle as a literary landmark.  This was placed before he was born, but he has heard about how the library helped obtain the plaque.  Brutus thinks that it is really cool (not the temperature outside) that Owosso was the home of a bestselling author.  Even more fascinating is that this author decided to build a writing studio which looks like a small castle!

 Time was also spent exploring the park and area around the castle.  Brutus would have liked to cool off in the river, but Margaret was a spoilsport (like usual).  She said that wet dogs would not be allowed in the library.  Apparently water does not mix well with books and computers.  He had to be content with a quick rest in the shade.

 He did take a short hike on the footbridge which was a little scary.  He'd never been a bridge which moved before.
 A trip to the castle wouldn't have been complete without stopping next door at Comstock Cabin.  He couldn't go inside, but he sniffed around the door and peeked through the window.  The garden was also interesting, but again there were rules!  This time--no digging to create a cool spot.
 While Brutus was at the Castle, a group driving some old cars also visited.  Brutus had never seen anything like these antique cars.
 He found out that this is a Ford Model A, but he doesn't know in what year it was made.  He wanted to take it for a drive, but Margaret said no (that spoilsporting librarian again).  She said that he would be in BIG trouble if he stole the car or even touched it.  She even threatened to never take him anywhere again if he didn't behave.
So he hopes that she doesn't see this picture.  He's not sure what model this is, but the running boards were too tempting to resist.  (And, he didn't scratch, bite, or chew anything on the car.  It is still in pristine condition. So there, Margaret.)