Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brutus Takes a Vacation

Brutus hitchhiked his way along the Blue Ridge Parkway and back to Michigan last week. He had a wonderful trip, and is seen here planning his route. Map reading was a new skill for Brutus to learn, but he quickly learned that the squiggly lines on the very large (and hard to handle) paper showed where the roads went. He has heard people in the library talking about GPS units, but he thinks that he'll stick to the old-fashioned map for the time being.

The food on the trip was delicious. Here he is ready to steal a couple of hot dogs off the grill. Now that he knows not only how good they smell, but also that they aren't made from dogs, he'll eat as many as he can get!

More photos from his trip, see the library's Facebook page.

Brutus would like to take some more trips--possibly next summer. Be thinking now of where you'd like to take him and watch for details this spring on how to enter your pictures.