Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brutus Loves to Read

Brutus just finished the newest book in the Chet & Bernie Mystery Series--The Dog Who Knew Too Much. Spencer Quinn is one of Brutus' favorite authors; no one else is able to tell a story from a dog's point of view as well.

This book finds Chet and Bernie looking for a missing boy. Devon disappeared during the night while on a hike. Bernie suspects he was bullied by the other boys; his camp counselor insists that he just wandered off; but Chet's nose can't find evidence of either scenerio. The truth ends up being much more sinister, involving meth labs and murder. Bernie is also arrested for the counselor's murder leaving his girlfriend Suzie and Chet to decipher much of the puzzle. Will they find Devon before it is too late? A tail-wagging good read in Brutus' estimation. He gives it four wags out of a possible five.