Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

 Last night Brutus helped us get in the Christmas spirit at the wreath making workshop.  He loved the smell of the greenery and the chatter (and attention) of the ladies, but found it difficult to wire the pine, boxwood, and holly to the frames;  he didn't even try to make a bow by  himself.  This was just too doggone difficult to do with paws.  He decided to help by pulling out some of his favorite boughs to take to the women who needed them.  Unfortunately, he soon forgot about helping and enjoyed running around the library with them (which had to be stopped as he was setting a bad example for the kids).

He was amazed with how different each wreath was; yet they were all beautiful!  His favorite was one with a purple bow.  Part-time employee Chicaro was making one to use as a centerpiece so of course Brutus thought that he should be part of this, too.  Instead of the candle or hurricane lamp, he demonstrated how he could grace her dining room table (and have first dibs on Christmas dinner).  His only suggestion for improving this workshop was to have the cookie exchange at the same time.  Both Harriet and Margaret nixed that idea due to the lack of space and the mess of pine needles and dirty hands.  Brutus didn't see how that should be a consideration as he just grabs cookies with his mouth (and there would be more for him!)  Humans can sure be party poopers at times.

Brutus and the library staff wish everyone a Merry Christmas!