Thursday, November 15, 2012

Writing Your Family History

Brutus has been very busy the past few weeks trying to learn how to write with a pencil.  Neither his paws or his mouth seem to work very well with computers or pencils.  He is trying to prepare for Mardi Link's presentation on Sunday, December 9th in Owosso on writing your family history.  He doesn't know much about his parents or siblings, but he'd like to be able tell more about some of his library adventures.  He would also like to encourage all interested humans to preregister by December 6th to guarantee a space.  He has heard that she is a very good presenter and has written an award winning book.  As soon as he can get this doggone pencil to work, he'll begin working on his memoir which he intends to call Tail-Wagging Adventures in the Library.  (Or maybe he should just find someone to whom to dictate his story and forget about the pencil).