Saturday, April 21, 2012

Michigan Notable Author Visit

Brutus has expanded his reading tastes beyond books with dogs as a main character (although those are still his favorites, and he won't yet read about cats).  Michigan Notable Author Scott Sparling will be coming to Owosso on Monday, April 30th, and Brutus can't wait to meet him at 7 p.m.  He enjoyed his novel, Wire to Wire, and is thinking that it might be fun to hop a train.  Staff have warned him that it is dangerous, but he's not listening very well; hopefully hearing some of Sparling's experiences will convince him to stay in the library.  (Sparling was once kicked off a freight train in Owosso, and he has promised to tell more about that night during his presentation).  The book also mentions both Owosso and Durand briefly, which Brutus found to be very interesting.  Brutus hopes that many of you will join him in greeting this award-winning author!  This is always a great program!