Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brutus, Writers, and Illustrators...Oh, My!

Brutus has been a very busy dog! In the past few weeks he has had the opportunity to meet lots of writers and illustrators who stopped by the Owosso library, including Buck Wilder, Arnie Bernstein, and Tom Woodruff.

Buck Wilder is a Michigan wilderness guru and talked to kids and families about the importance of camping, boating, and other outdoor activities.

Arnie Bernstein is the author of Bath Massacre: Ameria's First School Bombing, published by the University of Michigan Press:
On May 18, 1927, an explosion rocked the small town of Bath, in Clinton County, when dynamite planted by Andrew Kehoe detonated in the basement of the local school. In this dramatic history of the horrific tragedy that claimed more than 40 lives (most of them schoolchildren), including Kehoe and his wife, the author skillfully explores the origins and events leading up to the tragedy, the terrible destruction at the school and Kehoe's farm, and how the stunned community struggled to cope in the immediate aftermath
His book was named one of the 2010 Michigan Notable Books by the Library of Michigan.

Tom Woodruff is an artist who has illustrated several books about Great Lakes history, many of them written with John Mitchell. Shiawassee District Library has many of these books in our catalog. While speaking at Owosso, Mr. Woodruff taught everyone in the audience how to draw the under the sea scene pictured, but...

Brutus had a little trouble with his! Holding a pencil is hard when you've only got paws!