Friday, December 11, 2009

First Scholarship Recipient

Brutus was thrilled to congratulate Chicaro Napier-Hoffman on being the first recipient of an award from the Ken and Suzanne Uptigrove Scholarship Fund. Chicaro was selected because she is both a current SDL employee and enrolled in Wayne State University's library science program. This was a nice early Christmas present for Chicaro who hopes to be an archivist some day. She presently works in the Adult Department of the Owosso Branch as a part-time professional. In addition to helping people who use the library, she also assists with interlibrary loan (MeLCat) and works on special projects to benefit both the library and community.

Brutus was interested in becoming a librarian until he learned how much work is involved. With only an obedience school education, he would first have to finish high school, earn a bachelor's degree, and then complete a master's degree in library or information science. This was just too much for a little dog to comprehend. He thinks he'll leave this for the humans. In the meantime, he'll just do a little more tail-wagging in celebration of Chicaro's accomplishments.