Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hands Around the Library of Michigan

Dog gone it! Brutus can't believe the news that the Library of Michigan may close. He found out that Steve and Margaret had taken the morning off to attend the Hands Around the Library rally in Lansing; he would have gone, too, if dogs had been invited! With less than a year at SDL, he has all ready learned about the great things the Library of Michigan does for many people--lots of books for genealogists, MeL databases, and MeLCat to name just a few. What will he do if there are no more blue bags to climb in and out of or a way to get more dog stories from other libraries? He was glad to hear that over 500 people attended the rally, and Margaret even let him hold on to part of her piece of green ribbon to show his support. He is hoping to help some of the staff write letters to their legislators, after all even dogs know how important libraries are even if they can't vote. He also heard that the librarians will be holding another rally on September 10th, and is hoping that even more people can attend that one.