Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brutus Looks for Edible Book ideas

Brutus found out there will be an Edible Book Contest at the library in a couple of weeks. He was busy this morning sniffing out a title for his entry; his only request was that it be about a dog. Margaret had lots of ideas. Marley and Me could be used in the Adult Non-Fiction category or any of the Clifford or Carl books as a Children's Title. There were also lots of Adult fiction books to choose from : Kazan or Baree by Curwood, Jack London's Call of the Wild or White Fang, or any of Berenson's poodle mysteries. At first Brutus thought that he was supposed to eat the books, but this misconception was quickly corrected before he could do any damage; instead, he needs to create something which can be eaten based on a book. Brutus has until April 13 to make his selection and turn in his entry blank. Judging and the awards program will take place on April 16th.