Friday, February 6, 2009

Brutus Applies for a Library Card

Dogs aren't usually issued library cards, but after much discussion it was decided than an exception could be made for Brutus as the library mascot. As he filled out the forms and presented his ID (a dog license), a decision also had to be made as to whether or not he was eligible for an adult or a children's card. The final decision--since he was born during the Chinese Year of the Dog (2006) and the web calculators for changing dog years into human years make him over 14, he was given an adult card. Brutus hopes to find lots of dog books and stories about dogs to read in the next month. Margaret tried to introduce him to Lilian Braun's Cat Who series, but he prefers Laurien Berenson's Doggie Day Care and her other mysteries featuring poodles. The librarians fear that cats may never make Brutus' reading list.