Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brutus Enjoys the Library Carnival

As you can see, Brutus got very involved with the Library carnival this year. He helped blow up balloons in the morning, and then played a few games in the afternoon. He liked the one where he sniffed out the princess the best; he was better than most of the kids at it. (A few humans considered this to be cheating, but Brutus felt that he should be able to use dog abilities to their fullest). Loose Tooth wasn't quite as much fun--bean bags kept being thrown at him.

His favorite part of the afternoon though was the food. He kept the staff busy keeping him out of the cakes for the cake walk, the sno-cones, and the hot dogs and chips. One small dog can sure get into alot of mischief! Mr. Flayer finally had to take him into his custody so that other staff members could work. This had the benefit, though, of meeting a former childrens' librarian, Trixie Steck. He learned that she had been in charge of the very first library carnival.

His least favorite part of the day was the rain! The fun had to wrap up early when the scattered showers became a steady rain. It doesn't look like Brutus will ever be much of a retriever; he didn't like getting wet. As a whole, it was a doggone good day and Brutus is looking forward to next year's carnival (and he promises to pray for sunshine).