Friday, May 22, 2009

Brutus Plants flowers for Community Pride Week

Brutus helped Harriet plant the new flower bed around the Owosso Branch's sign. This was the final step in the library's part of Owosso's Community Pride Week. He was disappointed that there were no dogwood trees included, but was excited to hear about blanket flowers, that is until he was told that he couldn't lay in them. He was allowed to do some digging, but was also told he couldn't dig up any plants. (So many rules for such a small dog to remember!) Everyone on the staff thinks that the new bed is a great addition to the library's landscaping and hopes that the community does too. Do you think Brutus can help Joe pull weeds without disturbing the other plants?

Brutus Checks out the Large Print Collection

Brutus (and his litter mates) originally belonged to a large print publisher, and this week Brutus decided to browse through the large print books. As usual he was looking for books about dogs, but there weren't enough to satisfy him. He did find one with the word bladebone in the title and asked if that meant that he could chew on it. The librarian quickly thanked him for asking but explained that chewing on books was not allowed and could result in having to pay for a replacement copy. BTW, a bladebone is a shoulder blade and anyone who wants to know more (including Brutus) may want to check out the mystery by Martha Grimes, The Five Bells and Bladebone.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brutus Helps with Community Pride Week

Brutus is enjoying some of the nice spring weather by helping Steve and Joe spruce up the library's front yard as part of Owosso's Community Pride Week celebration. He had a lot of fun running from landscaping block to landscaping block as they tried to remove the sod around the library's sign. Once the ground has been prepared, flowers will be planted. Be looking for Brutus to check out the new plants when they're in!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Grant Brown speaks at Durand Union Statiosn

Brutus enjoyed a visit to Durand Union Station last night. This is the first time, staff has allowed him to leave the library, but they found that he had to be kept on a very short leash. Grant Brown was giving a presentation on his book, Ninety Years Crossing Lake Michigan, and Brutus wanted to help. As you can see, he got involved in the autographing of the books, and running the slide show. (Margaret was happy that this kept him out of the refreshments). About fifty people (humans, not counting dogs) attended an excellent program on the Ann Arbor Railroad car ferries. Brutus hopes that he is allowed to leave the library and visit some more places in the community this summer.